The people of Bermuda are known for being courteous and we expect the WEcount community to be respectful of our commenting guidelines.


We encourage all of our users to partake in commenting on polls in order for healthy discussions to develop and for people to learn. This guidelines section requests that our members are willing to be open to each user’s view point in a respectful way, even if you do not align yourself with their position.


Comments are not initially moderated, but if another user reports a comment, it will be reviewed by our administration team.

User should report comments if they contain any of the following:

  • Comments referring to an ongoing legal court case especially involving minors (17 years and younger).
  • Personal information on an individual.
  • Deformation remarks against any other entity. This includes racial, gender, or sexuality slurs on a live or dead human being.
  • Gang related shout outs or gang affiliation text.
  • Comment that does not have any correlation with the poll topic.
  • Comments containing any specifics on illegal matters not known to the public. This refers to anything that hasn’t been published in a daily news report or published texts.
  • False allegations.
  • Promotions or links that are not associated with poll topics.
  • Disrespectful comments made on an entity or an individual.

WEcount recognises that a comment’s context may contain verbiage that may be considered derogatory which could be considered deformation. For this reason, comments may be flagged if containing such verbiage.

For example the following context would be considered derogatory even though it may contain factual information.

The political party are stupid because they ………

Compared to a correct way of stating the same context

The political party made an unwise decision to ………

There may be instances where these guidelines are not enforced due to the circumstances of the user comment. Referenced statements and facts must be supported by other factual sources. 


WEcount has a 3 strike rule for most offenders of these guidelines which are:

  • Strike 1 – Comment will be removed and the user will be provided with a warning letter in email. User will not be able to comment until they click on the link to acknowledge the warning.
  • Strike 2 – Comment will be removed and the user will be provided with a letter in email stating a temporary suspension from commenting for 30 days after acknowledgement. User still able to vote on polls and see results.
  • Strike 3 – Comment will be removed and user will receive an email of their expulsion from commenting indefinitely. User still able to vote on polls and see results.

If a user feels that their comment did not break the commenting guidelines, please refer to our contact page and submit the comment in question.

All comments made on this website are the responsibility of the users posting the comment, and not of WEcount Limited or affiliates.

If there are any questions, queries or errors please visit our contact page to submit information.