For too long, the people of Bermuda have campaigned for change but lacked a platform to collect and show authenticated opinions on topics that concern everyone.  


Standard polling in Bermuda, whether online, over the phone or in person can be selective, unauthenticated, inaccurate and biased. More importantly these traditional polling methods don’t reach the broader extent of Bermudians, PRC holders, expatriates, other residents of Bermuda such as spouses of Bermudians, parents of Bermudian children, international land owners, non-citizen residents of Bermuda and tourists. As we like to say, the people of Bermuda. will provide the people of Bermuda with a modern online forum to voice their support for or against national and local topics of interest.  

The website will function as an unbiased organization that allows authenticated users to learn and contribute to discussions related to Bermuda. Users can then vote on topics anonymously in a secure environment. Votes will be tallied and presented for viewers to view and share in real time. will create a collective voice to empower people and decision makers with authenticated data that illustrates what the people of Bermuda want and need.  

Now is the time for Bermuda to come together as a collective voice and use our data to support what we require as a community.  


Our Mission

To grow a secure authenticated polling website, that collects and presents data related to Bermuda as an information resource, to benefit the community.