For too long, the people of Bermuda have campaigned for change but lacked a platform to collect and show authenticated opinions on topics that concern everyone. The very concept of democracy has become tarnished...  


Standard polling in Bermuda, whether online, over the phone or in person can be selective, unauthenticated, inaccurate and biased. More importantly these traditional polling methods don’t reach the broader extent of Bermudians, PRC holders, expatriates, other residents of Bermuda such as spouses of Bermudians, parents of Bermudian children, international land owners, non-citizen residents of Bermuda and tourists. As we like to say, the people of Bermuda. allows the people of Bermuda to create free secure authenticated profiles that confirm their association with Bermuda. Users can then learn about various topics regarding Bermuda, vote anonymously on a variety of polls and then see the demographic results in real time. can help impact decision making in YOUR community. It can also provide YOUR organisation with more reliable data to support changes big and small. 


You can enable a more informed, engaged and empowered community.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance democracy by growing a secure polling website that collects and presents authenticated data related to Bermuda.